Michael returns from his trip to find Peter has become a QC and Rob has forgotten the names of some Formula One drivers despite Box of Neutrals being a largely F1-based programme. Nothing else of interest happens.
With Dieter Rencken. Peter McGinley finds a new theme, Rob James talks about his dry lips, and Michael Lamonato asks Dieter what he Renckens about European trucking logistics.
Rob is accused of hijacking his own show, Peter is accused of panelling without a licence, and Michael is accused of disrespecting the boot.
With Craig Scarborough. Michael interviews respected technical expert Craig Scarborough to Budapest's most glamorous F1 hot spot, Peter talks about soiled pants, and Rob reminisces about radio news themes of eras past.
Rob makes more references to radio personalities from other stations than is probably reasonable, Peter McGinley makes more references to Neighbours, and Michael makes reference to Fernando Alonso's marital status.
With Dieter Rencken. Michael is mistaken for Peter by a Dutchman, Peter makes some political jokes, and Rob makes an unsolicited reference to the Beatles, but none of this matters because this is a radio show and therefore probably banned by the FIA.
Peter returns from Macau, where he tells us there's a famous race sometimes held; Michael travels to a UK fish and chips shop to attempt to reverse Brexit, or, failing that, for the grand prix; and Rob gets his fix of Lyndsay Buckingham for the season.
Peter McGinley is replaced by the Peter McGinley 1000™, Michael and Rob argue about what Europe is, and we revisit what Dieter Renckened about the Brexit effect on Formula One.
Formula One pre-empts Brexit by hosting a European Grand Prix outside Europe, Michael and Rob pre-empt the boring race review by talking about Le Mans, and Peter McGinley pre-empts going home by trying to wrap up #AskMcGinley before it starts.
Peter thanks Rob and Michael for allowing his to tweet the Canadian Grand Prix, we trial an intra-show honesty system, and this week's Ask McGinley concerns the price of beef.
With Dieter Rencken. Peter McGinley voluntarily signs up to run the #ABCF1 twitter commentary for the Canadian Grand Prix. We ask Dieter what he Renckens about Rengines, which will make marginally more sense after listening.
Lewis Hamilton is #blessed, Daniel Ricciardo is #robbed, and Sergio Perez was also on the podium but not associated with any particular social media sentiment. #qanda
Sauber wants more money, Williams wants more drivers, Daniil Kvyat wants more points, and Peter McGinley wants more ownership of his intellectual property. Plus we consider the difference between pink and purple for our Monaco GP preview.
Some young guy wins the Spanish Grand Prix, but no-one's sure who he was because there was no post-race show in Australia. We make ABC Grandstand's first and probably last ever reference to Plácido Domingo.
We exclusively break the biggest news story of 2016 by revealing Max Verstappen will replace Daniil Kvyat at Red Bull Racing. Plus, despite being a mere fourth in the championship, Williams is literally saving lives of newborn babies.
There mightn't be anything about Kvyat and Verstappen's seat swap, but there's some top-notch banter about the very relevant Pastor Maldonado and a Victorian power station. Frankly, you won't even know the biggest story of the year is missing.
Featuring Dieter Rencken. Ferrari unexpectedly makes a power unit upgrade, Williams unexpectedly runs out of money, and Peter McGinley unexpectedly headbutts his microphone, plus Dieter tells us what he Renckens about the F1's rule-making process.
Dial 'fax' for McGinley. We cast our Formula One telemovie 'Just Drive' with your excellent suggestions, Bernie Ecclestone goes on a crusade for equality, and Pirelli borrows a strategy from the Ferrari playbook to get the 2017 regulations sorted.