Long-time Formula 1ยฎ TV commentator Ben Edwards joins us to issue a mid-season F1ยฎ report card, where we discuss the standout drivers of 2021 so far, who has improved, who has surprised and who has disappointed after the first half of the year.

The title fight is sizzling, and a battle at the hot Hungaroring will decide whether itโ€™s Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton who takes momentum into the summer break. Featuring last year’s guest, iconic F1 commentator Ben Edwards.

Another week, another badly timed episode of Box of Neutrals. We talk to Ben Edwards about everything up to Fernando Alonso's F1 retirement โ€“ and his weird retirement video โ€“ and Carlos Sainz's move to McLaren. Peter McGinley confuses 'Holden' for 'beer'.
Featuring Ben Edwards, lead commentator for C4 in the UK. We reflect on the 2017 season, on whether Ferrari can survive without creating a crisis and, briefly, on the new logo and why we shouldn't talk about the new logo.