Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc are disqualified from the US Grand Prix for breaking an almost 29-year-old rule by as little as 1 millimetre — and both the sprint format and the bumpy Austin track played a part. Daniel Ricciardo’s injury comeback hits a hurdle. Max Verstappen gives short shrift to rumour of a Red Bull rift.

Are sprint races too long? And why are people obsessed with planking again?

Max Verstappen beats Lewis Hamilton to a surprisingly close victory — before Hamilton is disqualified.

Max Verstappen wins again, and by a lot, putting paid to any idea that Red Bull Racing might have a weakness at the Circuit of the Americas.

Charles Leclerc will lead Lando Norris off the front row for Sunday’s grand prix after Max Verstappen bombs out of qualifying in sixth after a late track limits infringement.

Red Bull Racing has won the drivers-constructors title double, but all is not calm as the team arrives in Austin.

Daniel Ricciardo is set for his first race after almost two months sidelined with a broken hand — and as Sergio Pérez continues to struggle with bad form at Red Bull Racing. Meanwhile, the high-stakes, big-money argument over American Michael Andretti’s F1 bid simmers away ahead of the sport’s biggest race in the United States.

We ask AI Gerard Whateley whether the risk to Sergio Pérez’s seat is an overreaction.

Oscar Piastri wins his first f1 race in the Qatar sprint and backs up with a career-best second in the grand prix for the most complete weekend of his career. Max Verstappen finally makes official his third world title, but his triumphant weekend is overshadowed by extreme heat bringing driver health to the fore.

We pay our respects to a sizzling grand prix (show some respect) and ask why people don’t wear face shields anymore.

Max Verstappen backs up his championship win with a grand prix victory despite last-minute changes to the tyre rules on safety grounds and the stifling heat of the desert.

Max Verstappen is a three-time world champion, joining an exclusive club of only 10 other all-time F1 greats with three or more titles.

Max Verstappen takes an easy pole position for Sunday’s grand prix, but it takes considerably longer to figure out who qualified second and third.

Max Verstappen is on the brink of history, with a third title within his grasp in the sprint race this weekend in Qatar.

American racing royalty Andretti gets FIA approval to become the sport’s 11th team, but Formula 1 itself is yet to be convinced the bid is ready for entry. Jack Doohan sheds some light on his options for a 2024 race seat. And will Max Verstappen’s likely title triumph in a sprint race have F1 rethinking its Saturday schedule?

We take a deep dive into IndyCar’s newest racing movie hero Buzz Rader.

Michael and Rob become temporary New Zealand citizens to become outraged about Our Liam Lawson™️ not getting a 2024 seat.

Oscar Piastri started the weekend with a bumper new deal and ended it with his maiden F1 podium — and McLaren says there’s more to come from the Aussie rookie. Max Verstappen dominates the race up front to claim the constructors title for Red Bull Racing. Daniel Ricciardo gets one-year deal at AlphaTauri.