Michael Lamonato

Broadcaster, podcast producer, FIA-accredited F1 writer, antipodean loudmouth

Michael has made himself one of the few Australian regulars in the F1 press corps since joining the sport in 2012. Graduating in print journalism and later radio, his words appear at Fox Sports and Racer, and his voice is heard on the official Australian Grand Prix podcast, Extreme E’s Off Track, the F1 Strategy Report and Box of Neutrals. Though heโ€™d prefer to be recognised for his hard-earned expertise, in parts of hometown Melbourne his reputation for once being sick in a kart will forever precede him.

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Those who can, do. Those who can’t, talk about it. With no racing ability to speak of, I’ve made a career of speaking about those with skills, including as a podcast host and producer (Box of Neutrals, the Strategy Report, In the Fast Lane, Extreme E: Off Track), radio presenter (ABC Grandstand’s Breakfast and 2014 Commonwealth Games coverage) and regular guest on a wide array of broadcast platforms around the world.


I’ve been scribbling about motorsport for the better part of a decade, developing a long history of writing for newspapers and magazines and extensive experience writing for the web from inside the F1 paddock. My bylines have appeared at Fox Sports, Racer, ABC Online, the F1 official program and Australian Grand Prix publications, among other outlets.


There’s much more to F1 than meets the eye. I break down the practice data to forecast strategy, and after the chequered flag you can hear my analysis of which teams nailed it and which failed to execute on the Strategy Report podcast with a new guest each round as welฤบ as on Pure Storage’sย Race Wrap podcast.


Do you need someone to write specialist motorsport copy to deadline? A voice to explain the latest goings-on of the F1 paddock? Someone to help build and produce a sport or specialist podcast? Or maybe you just want to know why I’m helmeted up in this photo and riding a motorised esky (it was for work, I swear). Get in touch via the details at the link below and let’s have a chat.