Are sprint races too long? And why are people obsessed with planking again?

We ask AI Gerard Whateley whether the risk to Sergio PΓ©rez’s seat is an overreaction.

We pay our respects to a sizzling grand prix (show some respect) and ask why people don’t wear face shields anymore.

We take a deep dive into IndyCar’s newest racing movie hero Buzz Rader.

Michael and Rob become temporary New Zealand citizens to become outraged about Our Liam Lawsonℒ️ not getting a 2024 seat.

Carlos Sainz maintains his 100 per cent victory record since earning the nickname Junkyard Dog. Sky Sports demands all flags be lowered to half-mast for Britain’s lost triple podium.

Toto Wolff and Helmut Marko battle over the significance of Wikipedia entries ahead of the annual poor-singing grand prix.

We get exclusive access to Carlos Sainz’s leaked contract. Rob gets a new watch. Michael pronounces a word correctly.

We play a new round of Full Race of Five-minute Highlights, and David Croft is rumoured to be considering a full-time switch to tennis.

We receive some alarming mail about an unkept promise, and Peter McGinley finally opens up on the devil’s parma.

A special guest joins Michael and Rob to answer your questions. GSTK.

We take a deep dive into national anthem culture and recommend the institution of club songs for all Formula 1 teams.

We pay tribute to Nyck de Vries and lithium ion batteries and mention Daniel Ricciardo slightly.

The Royal Air Force wins the Grand Prix of Creamy Old England.

We exclusively reveal the leaked audio of drivers learning that they’ve been penalised following the Austrian Grand Prix.

Helmut Marko gets loose with the Austrians and Ryan Reynolds continues his rivalry with Saudi Arabia over sports team acquisitions.

Formula 1 drivers should be suspended more often and for more trivial matters. We anoint the new people’s champion.

We reminisce about our days watching Eurosport cutting randomly to advertisements during Le Mans and try to avoid talking about F1.