We debate the meaning of ton(ne), centilitre and other measurements. Rob assembles his Formula McGinley F1 Fantasy competition live on air but is banned for a profane team name. Michael takes the name Mike Krack in vain.

We sit down with oldmates Rod Gordon and Zach Priest from Superlicense to have a chat about the F1 hot topics of the moment only to discover most of the discussion was immediately out of date shortly after recording it.

Michael is locked in a mud-covered trailer with James Baldwin from fellow Australian podcast Lakeside Drive with a convenient amount of podcasting equipment when they decide to record their thoughts about the controversial concussion to the 2021 F1 season.

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This is a hot-take-free zone in which we calmly discuss how Max Verstappen won an uncontroversial Super Fax Grand Prix and nothing else happened. Please forward all complaints to our legal representatives.

The title goes down to the wire at all-time classic F1 venue Abu Dhabi, everyone forgets about Esteban Ocon and Rob’s patron saint of trucking finally delivers him a win.

Christian Horner gets told off for his spam text messages promising fast rail from Melbourne to Sydney, we get a prediction right for probably the first time this season. And who would be the first modern F1 driver to grow a mullet?

Rob unearths a treasure from the national podcasting archives, Michael makes an Indian restaurant recommendation and we conduct a live rights-free viewing of the highlights of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

We agree to investigate the viability of a chicken parma NFT, Rob worries about insulting Daryl Somers and Michael concludes 20 seconds is enough time to talk about all the action in the Mexico City Grand Prix.

Helmut Marko gives his unbiased opinion that Max Verstappen deserves to be miles ahead in the championship already. Three of the remaining five tracks aren’t finished for some reason. We talk about Fox News unexpectedly.

We pay our respects to Sir Frank Williams, and in a preview of the final two rounds of the season we catch up with Autosport F1 reporter Luke Smith to talk about his alleged passion for maple syrup and AFL football.

We consider the thrill of using a telephone, the humanity of competitive spam eating and the majesty of a giant dancing Heineken bottle.

In anticipation of the US Grand Prix we reflect on the appropriate hours during which to consume KFC, the difficulty of growing grass and the purported world powerhouse of asparagus growing.

Turkish road authorities should have had Lewis Hamilton’s car crushed on lap 50. Franz Tost tells F1’s critics to FRO. We forget who drove for Haas at the end of last year.

We talk the all-time great airports, the all-time great breakfast activities and the all-time great conspiracies but not really about Turkey.

Now is the time for Lewis Hamilton to take his rightful place, throne, in the hall of fame β€” sit on his king of throne [sic]. This is Box of Neutrals, that’s our take.

Max Verstappen cracks the shits. Charles Leclerc gets the shits. Daniel Ricciardo is the shit.

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Do not make toilet in the car, Nico. Featuring Dutch folk duo DJ Bingo and the Banking.

Rob fires up for his first roast of the year. Michael gets worked up about decimals. We launch a special commission of inquiry into the Belgian bomb.