The Brazilian Grand Prix Strategy Report podcast features Fernando Campos from F1 podcast Dupla Aerodinâmica.
Great race, shame about the time zone. Charles Leclerc’s car takes a dive, Lewis Hamilton is unexpectedly honest and two more drivers get a podium before Nico Hulkenberg.
We release the Brazilian GP Review podcast eventually. Michael's still away, Rob is recovering from the flu and Pete is recovering from mowing the lawns. Oh, and Mercedes wins another championship.
Mercedes claimed a lucky win in Brazil to crown itself world champion.
F1 Strategy Report 2018: Brazilian Grand Prix with Fernando Campos, host of F1 podcast Fernando is Faster Than You.
Like a Red Bull Racing gearbox, we're down to one gear, but Michael asks Dieter Rencken from what he reckons.
Mercedes is set to claim its fifth constructors championship at this weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix.
The escalation of violence in Brazil has imperilled the future of the South American race.
Featuring Lawrence Barretto from Autosport. Peter questions the validity of Rob's rostered show off, Pirelli creates a new Softy McSoftyface tyre compound, and we consider the future of the Brazilian Grand Prix.
Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari put together their first flawless weekend in months to win in Brazil.
The 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix Strategy Report with Fernando Campos from Fernando is Faster than You.
The Brazilian Grand Prix is simply too dangerous to hold its place on the Formula One calendar.
Sebastian Vettel on track at the 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix.
Vettel earns a consolation win and Hamilton completes an epic fightback in Sao Paulo.
Valtteri Bottas capitalised on Lewis Hamilton crashing out of qualifying to seize pole position.
Ferrari threatens to quit F1 (again), Felipe Massa retires from F1 (again) and Peter McGinley is absent from the show (again). Plus Dieter Rencken reveals that he's actually South African, disqualifying him from ever sitting in the Australian Parliament.
Points and pride are still on the line in Brazil, and preparation for 2018 is already underway.
Lewis Hamilton has won the Brazilian Grand Prix to give him a chance to overhaul Nico Rosberg's championship lead in Abu Dhabi.
Lewis Hamilton can keep his title hopes alive with a win from pole at the Brazilian Grand Prix.