Romain Grosjean’s survival from his horror fireball smash in Bahrain is all down to motorsport’s pursuit of excellence.

Charles Leclerc in his car at the 2018 Belgian Grand Prix.
The halo must be maligned no more.
Max Verstappen's 2017 racing gloves rest on his car in its garage.
New safety standards from 2018 will have drivers gloves collecting vital information for doctors.
Daniel Ricciardo sits in his RB13 at the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix.
Formula One can still be a high-risk sport without the danger of serious injury or death.
Sebastian Vettel sitting in his halo-fitted Ferrari during the 2016 preseason.
There is no rational argument against implementing the halo — but that doesn't mean it'll be permanent.
Lewis Hamilton tests the halo device at the 2016 Singapore Grand Prix.
The Hungarian Grand Prix will be dominated by the FIA's implementation of the halo device from 2018.
Sebastian Vettel tests the 'shield' head protection device on Friday at the 2017 British Grand Prix.
Valtteri Bottas was quickest in practice while Sebastian Vettel panned the shield safety device.
FIA deputy medical delegate Dr Ian Roberts and FIA medical delegate Alain Chantegret with the F1 medical car
Why F1's focus on safety left the FIA with no choice but to suspend Friday practice in China.