We shamelessly steal some IP with our homemade and very accurate sound effects and spend a surprising amount of time talking about MotoGP for an F1 podcast.

I review the action from the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix with Lawrence Barretto from F1.

I preview the upcoming British, 70th Anniversary and Spanish grands prix with last year’s podcast guests Nate Saunders from ESPN F1 and Lawrence Barretto from F1.

Five races into the 21-race season and, with the exception of the outright championship favourite, the Formula One pecking order has only partially revealed itself.
Mercedes scores another one-two (again), Ferrari messes up team orders (again) and we wonder how long F1 should wait before introducing a doping world championship to make racing less predictable.
The Spanish Grand Prix Strategy Report podcast features F1.com senior writer Lawrence Barretto.
The most important question now is how integral Ferrari’s flaws are to its 2019 campaign. Only with that answer can it attempt to lift and salvage what’s left of its season.
The cost of Ferrari’s slow start to the season will be paid by its 2019 campaign eventually. Whether the payment ultimately bankrupts its campaign will be decided this weekend.
Michael and Rob consider what happens to F1 motorhomes when they die, wonder how cooked Ferrari is and don't lament the apparently impending loss of the Circuit to Barcelona-Catalunya from the calendar.
F1 politics expert Dieter Rencken discusses the prospect of a Miami Grand Prix. Michael, Rob and Peter, experts in nothing, talk Catalan politics, the 2012 F1 season and Albanian badminton — anything except the very straightforward Spanish Grand Prix.
F1 Strategy Report 2018: Spanish Grand Prix with TheRedLine.com.au's Peter Anderson
Lewis Hamilton celebrates on the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix podium
Mercedes scored its first one-two finish of the season in Barcelona.
Pirelli's medium, soft and supersoft-compound tyres at the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix.
Is there any foundation to claims Pirelli's tread tweak deliberately benefitted Mercedes?
Lewis Hamilton on track at the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton has converted pole to an easy win at the Spanish Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton on track at the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton scored his first pole since the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.
We speculate wildly about what a Honda-powered Red Bull Racing might mean for Formula One, #yourABC curses Fernando Alonso's career and Nick Heidfeld rates a mention for some reason. Plus Peter brings back everyone’s favourite segment: Plunger Chat.
Lewis Hamilton at the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.
The Spanish Grand Prix marks the first opportunity for underachieving teams to make major steps forward.
Fernando Alonso on track at the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.
McLaren is pinning its season on upgrades at the Spanish Grand Prix.