Feat Dieter Rencken. Peter gets excited about schnitzels, Rob eschews the radio microphone for your common or garden-variety mobile telephone, Michael is still in Europe — but he's not in Mykonos — and Dieter renckens McLaren-Honda might not be over yet.
Valtteri Bottas shakes Sebastian Vettel's hand on the Austrian Grand Prix podium.
Valtteri Bottas has defied expectation to put himself in championship contention in 2017.
The 2017 Austrian Grand Prix Strategy Report, with Luke Smith from NBC Sports.
Fernando Alonso on the grid of the Austrian Grand Prix.
Can F1 punish teams without penalising drivers for mechanical failures?
Valtteri Bottas lifts the winner's trophy at the Austrian Grand Prix.
Sebastian Vettel couldn't catch Valtteri Bottas in Austria, falling short by just six-tenths of a second.
Daniel Ricciardo sits in his Red Bull Racing car at the 2017 Austrian Grand Prix
Red Bull Racing is unsure it can challenge for the Austrian podium outright — unless it rains.
Valtteri Bottas in his Mercedes at Austria's Red Bull Ring.
Lewis Hamilton couldn't minimise the damage of his five-place grid penalty by topping qualifying.
Carlos Sainz in the post-Austrian Grand Prix FIA press conference.
Carlos Sainz has tried to calm internal disquiet about his future with Red Bull but isn't ruling out defection.
Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo talk in an FIA press conference.
The ultrasoft tyre proved more delicate than expected, leaving most teams with problems for the race.
Sebastian Vettel's visit to the FIA this week has been all the rage, so naturally we spend most of our time talking about Jolyon Palmer and Robert Kubica, at least one of whom isn't a Formula One driver. We don’t confuse Austria for Australia.
Sebastian Vettel at the Austrian Grand Prix.
The Austrian Grand Prix will be evidence as to whether Ferrari has lost ground on Mercedes.
Force India driver Sergio Perez
Force India's teammates are still feuding over their Azeri antics ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton, Kvin Magnussen and Sebastian Vettel sit in the Thursday press conference at the Austrian Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton remains adamant Sebastian Vettel's penalty in Azerbaijan wasn't harsh enough.
Max Verstappen celebrates on the 2016 Austrian Grand Prix podium.
Red Bull Racing is the most likely it's been yet to win its home Austrian Grand Prix.
Charles Leclerc in his Haas racing gear.
Formula One's junior ladder is being neglected, to the detriment of F1's next set of drivers.

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