He’s done it again. Max Verstappen wins the Belgian Grand Prix from a penalised sixth on the grid to stretch his victory streak to eight races. Featuring Scott Mitchell-Malm from The Race.

Australians Daniel Ricciardo and Oscar Piastri are at the heart of one of the biggest Formula 1 ‘silly season’ stories in years. To make sense of a wild week of news on Ricciardo’s future and Piastri’s path to a full-time race seat, Scott Mitchell-Malm from the-race.com joins hosts Matt Clayton and Michael Lamonato to discuss where things unravelled for Ricciardo at McLaren (03:58), his options to race on or sit out in 2023 (07:09), McLaren’s role in the failed relationship (13:13), the pressure Piastri will face when he debuts (17:37), how Piastri declining an Alpine seat is seen in the paddock (20:26) and the impact of the contractual tug-of-war between Alpine and McLaren on his reputation (24:06).

Charles Leclerc is a winner for the first time in three months after dominating the race on Red Bull’s home turf at the Austrian Grand Prix. Featuring Scott Mitchell from The Race.