Qualifying is one of the most universally popular parts of a grand prix weekend, so it’s surprising that the competitive Saturday session is regularly considered for change as the sport strives for self-improvement.
What is the perfect form of Formula One? There are no easy answers, but the sport’s authorities hope the plan they’ll present to teams today will be convincing enough to settle the long-running battle for the championship’s soul.
A concept 2021 F1 car.
F1's 2021 car concept looks great, but the chances of it becoming a reality are slim.
Fernando Alonso talks to an engineer at the 2018 British Grand Prix.
Formula One isn't too predictable; it's too political.
Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen on track at the 2018 British Grand Prix.
F1 is close to suffering from an oversaturation of races.
Faster cars aren't the answer to F1's problems.
Changing the F1 points system format confusing one of the sport's most effective systems.
Christian Horner and Ross Brawn on the grid at the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix.
When teams prioritise the status quo for their own benefit, the sport loses.
Ferrari's Maurizio Arrivabene, Mercedes's Toto Wolff and Red Bull Racing's Christian Horner in te Friday press conference at the 2018 Australian Grand Prix.
F1 will present teams with a major blueprint for 2021 ahead of this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix.
Renault on track at 2018 preseason testing.
Redesigning the F1 engine risks spreading out the competitive order just as it was closing up.
F1 2017 delivered a tense season, but its real gift was the promise of a thrilling 2018.
Formula One is at a crossroads under new commercial ownership and with a looming 2020 deadline.
Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne.
Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has threatened to take his team out of F1 if the FIA presses ahead with proposed engine changes.
Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne addresses the media.
Proposed engine regulation changes are only part of F1's post-2020 vision.
Max Verstappen is introduced to the Austin crowd at the 2017 United States Grand Prix.
A Michael Buffer-centred pre-race show is exactly what F1 needs more of.
Daniel Ricciardo on track at the 2017 Australian Grand Prix.
Without a free-to-air alternative, is Australia ready for a long-term F1 future without Daniel Ricciardo?
Daniel Ricciardo at the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix.
Malaysia provided a spectacular driving challenge in unspectacular surroundings.
Chase Carey and Helmut Marko on the grid of the 2017 Austrian Grand Prix.
Formula One thrives on being a sport of extremes, and trimming too much of the excess could be detrimental to the show.