Extreme E: Off Track — Tamara Molinaro

Tamara Molinaro is as determined a racer as you’ll ever meet. Born into a motorsport family, her passion for rallying was sealed when she got into her first rally car on ice — and with a couple of pillows on the seat — at just 11 years old.

Then there was no turning back. European Rally Championship, WRC, rallycross, Italian Gravel Rally Championship — she’s done it all and has the trophies to prove it. And this year she added an Extreme E podium trophy to the collection — not bad considering she started 2022 without a drive.

But it hasn’t always been easy for Tamara, who rose through the ranks so quickly she had to learn to be an adult on the course and behind the wheel.

She sat down with Off Track to talk through her rapid progression, her love for Extreme E and — yes — that tattoo she got with Timo Scheider.