Extreme E: Off Track — Alejandro Agag

If you had to pick Alejandro Agag’s spirit animal, you probably wouldn’t choose the donkey, yet it’s to the attitude of this humble farmyard animal that the Extreme E CEO credits his success: don’t get distracted and keep your eyes on the prize.

But no common donkey could have made itself the youngest person elected to European Parliament, and a lack of opposable thumbs would have made launching two pioneering electric racing series unmanageably complex.

But Alejandro has done all those things and much more, and on the eve of the finale of Extreme E’s inaugural championship James and Michael caught up with the man who set it all up to talk about what’s motivated him to dominate the electric racing scene, his hopes for the future of the planet and what it’s like to buy a massive ship.

We also hear the final part of our chat with Professor Lucy Woodall from the Extreme E scientific committee about the importance of uniting people from different walks of life in the fight against climate change.