Extreme E: Off Track — Sara Price

You can’t keep Sara Price away from racing, even if she has to take some detours to get there. When the global financial crisis derailed her meteoric motocross rise, she opened her own auto paint business. Then she became a stuntwoman. And eventually she transitioned to car racing, and her irresistible rise continued.

The stars were aligned for Sara again, and her career was about to take its latest turn: in 2020 she claimed the unique status as the first drive announced to compete in Extreme E, and with none other than iconic American racing dynasty Chip Ganassi.

James and Michael caught up with Sara after the Arctic X Prix to ask her about her transition from two wheels to four, racing non-stop through the night in the desert and camping on the Arctic ice cap — and falling into a river in the process.

We also hear from Professor Lucy Woodall from the Extreme E scientific committee ahead of the Island X Prix to get a sense of the global scale of the challenge facing our oceans.