Fast Talkers 29 — Lamonato, Clancy and Mol

This season is looking like it’s going to be a thriller with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen duking it out for the spoils.

So we thought we’d get some experts in to duke it out on screen too.

Representing the Netherlands and the UK: Olav Mol, Dutch commentator for Ziggo TV, and Rebecca Clancy, motor racing correspondent for the Times.

And out of lockdown but probably not for long: Michael Lamonato host and editor of the Strategy Report, based in Melbourne.

We chat about what’s going on with Daniel Ricciardo as the panel debate the form of the Australian. And will the Australian GP actually take place?

Who will win the title this year? And, finally, are Mercedes right to be slinging mud at Red Bull Racing?

Watch the latest episode of Fast Talkers as it returns for its second series.

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