Michael Lamonato

I’m an FIA-accredited F1 journalist with a background in radio and print journalism.

My main claims to extremely limited fame are as a founder of Box of Neutrals, which grew from a humble start-up podcast into a national radio programme on ABC Grandstand, and presenter of the Strategy Report podcast, a race-by-race analysis of grand prix tactics and, increasingly, Ferrari mistakes.

I’m experienced in both the technical and presentation aspects of radio, having fulfilled roles panel operating, producing, and presenting in metro and national markets. I was ABC Grandstand’s go-to fill-in Breakfast announcer (when it was still around) and presented the ABC’s Commonwealth Games breakfast show in 2014.

I specialise in the written word, whiling away the daytime working as a Hansard reporter for the Parliament of Victoria, as well as writing as a columnist and F1 utility reporter for a number of publications.

From subediting to audio editing, proofreading to analysing, I have a track record of both knowing what these words mean and fulfilling their definitions.
I’m contactable via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a loud conversation on the Frankston line.