The Mexican Grand Prix Strategy Report podcast features Channel 4 F1 commentator Ben Edwards.

Mario Achi, ‘handbag land’ and VB longnecks – there isn’t an angle of the Mexican Grand Prix we don’t cover in our race review (Lewis Hamilton won).

Lewis Hamilton celebrates on the podium at the 2019 Mexican Grand Prix.

Hamilton overcame history to deliver a memorable victory over Ferrari at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel in conversation on the track after qualifying at the 2019 Mexican Grand Prix

Ferrari has found itself with a valuable front-row lockout in Mexico. Does it have the pace to hold position?

Max Verstappen gives a thumbs up to the crowd after scoring pole at the 2019 Mexican Grand Prix

Max Verstappen took a controversial pole by ignoring yellow flags, for which the stewards later demoted him three places on the grid.

Did you win a pair of Heel Tread motorsport socks for filling in our listener survey? Has F1 finally done a deal to race in Miami? Is the 2019 season almost over? The answer to some of these questions in this week’s Mexican GP preview.

Somehow both Rob and Michael decide to have a ‘rostered show off’, so Peter is running the good ship Box of Neutrals without any form of drivers or boat licence. Meanwhile Michael plays foreign correspondent and catches up with’s Luke Smith from a park in Mexico City.

Lewis Hamilton has confirmed his fifth world title with two rounds to go at the Mexican Grand Prix.

F1 Strategy Report 2018: Mexican Grand Prix with’s Luke Smith.

Sebastian Vettel congratulates Lewis Hamilton after the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix.

But Vettel admitted that defeat in Mexico was hard to stomach.