The European season ends with Sebastian Vettel losing the championship initiative after Italian GP organisers used the wrong anthem on the starting grid before the race. McLaren chooses to field its first winless full-time driver line-up since 1995. Peter McGinley doesn’t turn up for the show.

F1 Strategy Report 2018: Italian Grand Prix with Formula Passion’s Luca Manacorda.

Sebastian Vettel in his pit box at the 2018 Italian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton took a commanding lead in the title standings after Vettel crashed on the first lap.

Sebastian Vettel in his garage at the 2018 Italian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel is wilting under the pressure applied by Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates at the 2018 Italian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton has seized a 30-point championship lead after a first-lap crash with Sebastian Vettel.

Kimi Raikkonen at the Italian Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen will line up ahead of Ferrari teammate and title contender Sebastian Vettel at the Italian Grand Prix.

Force India is replaced by Force India, the halo saves the Belgian Grand Prix and we play stocks down, stocks down [sic] for Stoffel Vandoorne.

Michael tries to embroil Formula One in a dual citizenship scandal, Rob practices his German accent and Peter forgets most of the current Formula One drivers.

The 2017 Italian Grand Prix Strategy Report with Luca Manacorda, journalist at Formula Passion.

The first lap of the 2017 Italian Grand Prix.

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has slammed his team’s performance at its home race in Italy.