The 2018 McGinley Awards® are upon us, and Michael Rob and a begrudging Pete are joined by old mates Rodney Gordon and Zach Priest from Superlicense Podcast to reminisce about the few parts of the Formula One season they remember.

Nate Saunders, author of Daniel Ricciardo: In Pursuit of Greatness, joins Michael and Rob to talk about tin foil hats, the Microsoft Office suite and what the future holds in store for Australia’s favourite (only) F1 driver. Peter McGinley talks about expired milk.

The 2018 F1 season delivered an abundance of storylines for constructors to consider next season.

Dieter tells us what he Renckens about the state of F1 politics in 2018, Lance Stroll makes the least surprising driver announcement of the season and Peter McGinley goes to the cricket.

Too much practice and too much simulation has left F1 teams almost bulletproof on race day.

Alex Albon will be Thailand’s first F1 driver in more than 60 years.

Daniel Ricciardo’s Renault future is anything but certain.

Brendon Hartley is beached az, Peter McGinley reveals(?) he knows nothing about car mechanics and we announce the winner of the inaugural season of Formula McGinley.