Formula One teams get just eight precious days to test their 2019 machinery ahead of next month’s season-opening Australian Grand Prix. At the halfway mark, we can begin to draw some broad-brush conclusions.
Some say any news is good news, but there’s no way to spin what’s happening at Williams as positive.
Formula One’s teams had turned their attention to 2019 long before the dust had settled on the 2018 season, and this week’s first preseason test will be a key indicator as to which of them have planned wisely for the year ahead.
Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel at the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
The 2019 preseason starts today.
Who were the standout drivers — good, bad or otherwise — of 2018?
The 2018 F1 season delivered an abundance of storylines for constructors to consider next season.
Too much practice and too much simulation has left F1 teams almost bulletproof on race day.
Daniel Ricciardo's Renault future is anything but certain.
Kevin Magnussen leads a gaggle of midfield cars at the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Formula One isn’t a two-tier racing category, but the 2018 season featured an undoubted class divide.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates pole position at the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Hamilton's domination in Abu Dhabi proves he's in no mood to slow down in 2019.
Robert Kubica is back in Formula One.
Robert Kubica is back, baby.
Valtteri Bottas on the grid at the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix.
With the seatless Esteban Ocon breathing down his neck, Valtteri Bottas needs a big 2019 to keep his Mercedes drive.
Sebastian Vettel gets into his Ferrari at the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix.
How did Ferrari miss its best chance in a decade to win another championship?
What's the secret behind Mercedes's fifth constructors championship?
Brendon Hartley's F1 career will end as suddenly as it began.
Lewis Hamilton is on course to make himself F1's most decorated driver.
Sebastian Vettel answers questions at the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix.
Unforced errors cost Sebastian Vettel his best shot at the championship since his 2014 triumph.
Lewis Hamilton celebrates in Mexico after winning the 2018 world championship.
Lewis Hamilton's path to his fifth world championship wasn't as straightforward as the points margin suggests.