We’re only two rounds into the new Formula One season but 2019 has most certainly been unkind to Williams.

When the flag drops the bullshit stops. Finally, with just days until the season-opening 2019 Australian Grand Prix, we’re about to get some concrete answers on just what kind of Formula One season we’re in for.

There’s only so much you can do with eight days of testing two weeks out from the season opener, but with tens of thousands of kilometres of running completed, we’re starting to get an idea of what to expect for the Australian Grand Prix.

Some say any news is good news, but there’s no way to spin what’s happening at Williams as positive.

Kevin Magnussen leads a gaggle of midfield cars at the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Formula One isn’t a two-tier racing category, but the 2018 season featured an undoubted class divide.

How have the backmarkers handled F1 in 2018?

Force India’s salvation is not as politically straightforward as it seems.

Paddy Lowe in the Williams garage.

Paddy Lowe’s reputation is tied to Williams’s fortunes.

Williams lines up on the grid for the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix..

A lack of speed and ambition in equal measure is behind Williams’s poor start to the season.

Lance Stroll has railed against accusations made by former teammate Felipe Massa that his Williams team put money before talent in finalizing its 2018 driver line-up.