‘Rage quit’ isn’t a phrase heard thrown around in Formula One.

If you were monitoring that renowned bastion of reasonable and level-headed debate known as Twitter during the Canadian Grand Prix, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Formula One had folded overnight, never to be seen again among the ranks of top-tier motorsport.

Nothing fires up the formula one public quite like team orders, and it’s taken only three races for the sport’s favourite subject to become a major talking point in 2019.

Mercedes has been Formula One’s dominant force for five long years, but that could all be about to change in 2019.

Sebastian Vettel answers questions at the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix.

Unforced errors cost Sebastian Vettel his best shot at the championship since his 2014 triumph.

Sebastian Vettel congratulates Lewis Hamilton after the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix.

But Vettel admitted that defeat in Mexico was hard to stomach.

Sebastian Vettel on track during practice at the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel says understanding the tyres will be key to turning around Ferrari’ poor practice pace.

Sebastian Vettel has come to terms with his just-about-lost 2018 championship.

Sebastian Vettel on track during practice at the 2018 United States Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel will drop three places on the USA grid after speeding under red flags.

Sebastian Vettel in his garage at the 2018 Japanese Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel has concede Ferrari just hasn’t been good enough to beat Mercedes.