The 2020 Formula One Australian Grand Prix has been cancelled.

Just as Silverstone is the only real destination for the British Grand Prix, so too is Melbourne the only viable home for Formula One in Australia.

We’re joined by senior writer Lawrence Barretto and journalist Abhishek Takle to dissect the Valtteri Bottas win than no-one except Michael (by accident) predicted. Rob finds some money on the ground. Peter McGinley takes an early holiday ahead of his second home race in Bahrain.

Okay, it’s far too early to definitively declare Valtteri Bottas as a serious threat to the runaway championship train that is Lewis Hamilton, but you’ve got to admit that a sporting story beginning with several nights of heavy Scandinavian drinking has a certain appeal.

The Australian Grand Prix Strategy Report podcast features Rob James from Box of Neutrals.

Only the bravest of punters would’ve tipped Valtteri Bottas to romp into the setting Melbourne sun at such a convincing canter at the first race of the season.

After protracted legal negotiations with Peter McGinley’s legal team about his hours of work and dress code, Box of Neutrals is back for 2019 with a special-length Australian GP preview, and to balance out the (relevant) chat about cigarettes and alcohol, we’re joined by ESPN’s Laurence Edmondson and Racer’s Chris Medland to preview the 2019 season.

Carlos Sainz wins the inaugural Aussie Battler award for his Australian GP performance, we talk lamington varieties, and the first KFC reference of the year makes an appearance.

Cars on track in the 2018 Australian Grand Prix.

There were only five overtakes in the 2018 Australian Grand Prix. Can there be anything done to improve it?

Sebastian Vettel celebrates on the 2018 Australian Grand Prix podium.

Ferrari capitalised on good fortune to snatch victory from Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton.