Michael and Rob meet up with Rod Gordon and Zach Priest from Superlicense F1 Podcast for some salt and vinegar chips and our annual awards as well as some predictions that are almost immediately proved wrong.

We talk about Abu Dhabi so you don’t have to watch it. F1 has an existential crisis. Fernando Alonso steals the show despite not being an F1 driver for several more weeks.

George Russell takes a phone call in the toilet. Valtteri Bottas’s reputation is in the toilet. This week’s audio quality belongs in the toilet.

Alex Albon aims to win the 2020 championship, Lewis Hamilton finally loses something and Rob soft launches his experimental podcast Fatso Drive-through.

Lewis Hamilton wins his seventh world championship, thus proving science is overrated. We reveal some bad and probably incorrect statistics. Turkish car wash operators cash in.

F1 returns to Intercity Istanbul Park Total Landscaping. Lance Stroll needs a hug. The US election becomes the second most important thing to see some court action.

Lewis Hamilton will definitely leave Mercedes, Daniil Kvyat is delisted from the stock exchange and Valtteri Bottas becomes Ferrari’s fastest driver of the season.

Lewis Hamilton wins his 92nd grand prix, Alex Albon gets stuck in a chimney and Lance Stroll gets the sheds (sic).

Hamilton could wrap up the title in Portugal if we cancel a few races and pack it up early. We surprisingly forget to mention Bert on the Bathurst podium.