Nothing happened at the weekend. You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. Let’s just call it a non-championship round.

The Monaco Grand Prix Strategy Report podcast features freelance motorsport journalist Matt Clayton.

E Racing Magazine editor Trent Price joins us to start a moratorium on discussing Fernando Alonso for at least the next seven days after the Spaniard wins Le Mans for the second time this season. Meanwhile, has anything happened in Formula One this week? The answer is no.

The Monaco Grand Prix Strategy Report podcast features Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravitz.

Everyone needs to settle down. Just relax. Be calm. It’s just a race and another Ferrari loss. Chill. Please.

Could Nico Hulkenberg go to Red Bull Racing? Is Sebastian Vettel about to retire? We have no idea, but not much else happened this week, so we speculate wildly ahead of Mercedes’s victory at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Mercedes wins (again), Ferrari makes several mistakes (again) and Renault cooks old mate Daniel Ricciardo’s strategy (again). Plus we reveal some key details about #WheresMcGinley.

The Monaco Grand Prix Strategy Report podcast features Autosport and F1 Racing magazine executive editor Stuart Codling.

Featuring ESPN’s Jake Michaels. Three Australian convene to talk about a fourth Australian who won’t win the Monaco Grand Prix this year. The President of Brazil gets another mention somehow. We discuss the Rich Energy logo in an audio-only format.

Mercedes scores another one-two (again), Ferrari messes up team orders (again) and we wonder how long F1 should wait before introducing a doping world championship to make racing less predictable.