F1 Strategy Report 2018: French Grand Prix with Matt Clayton, Red Bull Australia motorsport editor

Lewis Hamilton celebrates at the 2018 French Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton was untouchable in France while Sebastian Vettel struggled after a first-lap crash.

Lewis Hamilton on track at the 2018 French Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton took the first French pole in a decade by beating Valtteri Bottas and smashing everyone else.

Red Bull Racing confirms it’s hot for Honda, completing Formula One’s most unusual love rhombus with Renault and McLaren, but Dieter says he Renckens there’s more to it than just unadulterated horsepower. Peter buys a new jumper.

Formula One’s plans for calendar expansion are a delicate balancing act of interests.

An unprecedented three back-to-back races will stretch F1 teams at the busiest time of the year.

Red Bull Racing and Honda's logos.

Red Bull Racing’s Honda gamble is aimed at long-term success.

Paddy Lowe in the Williams garage.

Paddy Lowe’s reputation is tied to Williams’s fortunes.

Despite what we say, Daniel Ricciardo might not have a grid penalty (thanks, Adrian Newey), Brendon Hartley might not be replaced by Pascal Wehrlein (thanks, Lando Norris) and Mercedes won’t use new engines (thanks, Peter McGinley). Some other things we say are still relevant.

Fernando Alonso in his car at the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix.

IndyCar will only be a distraction to the struggling McLaren Formula One team.