Featuring Rodney Gordon. We discuss panel operators losing their $90 million prize money bonuses and what sound an F1 ‘flash in the pan’ makes, plus Peter McGinley lives the shock jock dream by walking back some accidentally controversial comments.

Carlos Sainz wins the inaugural Aussie Battler award for his Australian GP performance, we talk lamington varieties, and the first KFC reference of the year makes an appearance.

Michael and Rob are joined by Luke Smith from Crash.net and Trent Price from eRacing Magazine to preview the Australian GP by talking about the new F1 theme and the World Endurance Championship.

Dieter’s back to tell us what he Renckens the politics of F1 2018 has in store, Michael and Rob reminisce about car-themed carpets and Peter reminisces about his run-ins with plungers.

Formula E makes the halo look good, Honda makes Toro Rosso look good and an obscure souvlaki-related reference could make F1 look good.

Michael advocates for dirty saxophone in F1 coverage, Rob laments that he can’t watch TV in 60Hz and Peter McGinley is ‘over the top’ for the 2018 season.

Due to a lack of popular demand for their removal, Michael Lamonato, Rob James and Peter McGinley are back for the 2018 F1 season to talk about the mechanics of mass-producing wall calendars, Peter’s superannuation account and anything else that isn’t the halo.

Featuring Rodney Gordon and Zach Priest from Superlicense Podcast. We give out our off-brand awards for the 2017 season, and to close out the year we talk about AFL football.

Featuring Dieter Rencken, who manages to talk about both the weather and commercial contracts in the year’s final Whadaya Rencken, and Trent Price, who confronts Michael and Rob about stifling Peter’s career despite McGinley not turning up for the show.

Featuring Ben Edwards, lead commentator for C4 in the UK. We reflect on the 2017 season, on whether Ferrari can survive without creating a crisis and, briefly, on the new logo and why we shouldn’t talk about the new logo.