The European season ends with Sebastian Vettel losing the championship initiative after Italian GP organisers used the wrong anthem on the starting grid before the race. McLaren chooses to field its first winless full-time driver line-up since 1995. Peter McGinley doesn’t turn up for the show.

Force India is replaced by Force India, the halo saves the Belgian Grand Prix and we play stocks down, stocks down [sic] for Stoffel Vandoorne.

Just when you thought our timing couldn’t get any worse after a chaotic midseason break, we miss the announcement of F1’s (technically) newest team to enter the championship. But we do ask Dieter what he Renckens about the (formerly) Force India situation and other political goings-on, and Peter does his best Rob James impression.

Another week, another badly timed episode of Box of Neutrals. We talk to Ben Edwards about everything up to Fernando Alonso’s F1 retirement – and his weird retirement video – and Carlos Sainz’s move to McLaren. Peter McGinley confuses ‘Holden’ for ‘beer’.

Daniel Ricciardo goes to Renault, Force India goes to Lance Stroll, Williams goes to Centrelink and Olav Mol goes so far as to say Romain Grosjean should’ve stayed Swiss. Hopefully this podcast dates more gracefully than last week’s show.

We try to buy Force India with Peter McGinley’s credit card points but it turns administrators don’t take American Express. We channel our inner consumer affairs commissioner and talk low-level scams and frauds that we’ve become caught up in and discuss the definition of ‘mincemeat’.

We discuss the trifecta of interesting small talk: international freight, Hey Hey It’s Saturday and traffic. Meat cuts also get a mention, as does the German Grand Prix, but to a lesser extent.

Michael doesn’t send a postcard but does send back an interview with’s Dieter, who Renckens this weekend could well be the last German Grand Prix for the time being. Rob and Peter celebrate the anniversary of the first F1 shoey.

Turns out football isn’t coming home, Michael isn’t home yet, and Sebastian Vettel wins in Lewis Hamilton’s home (grand prix).